About karla

I have always been interested in making art-any way, any material. It started with a simple class during a grade school summer called Art in the Park. I was hooked. Through the years, I have tried all types of artwork-sculpting, painting, charcoal sketching, needlework…but it wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that I tried working with stained glass. I was married, mother of two young daughters and the timing was not right so my interest was put aside until now. I have taken a few classes on the art of glass work, but am mostly self taught. I loved the challenge from the start-there are so many intricate steps involved in making each piece and it is always different. I have recently enjoyed designing original art and transferring that into stained glass panels. My newest fascination is using the old bottles and making toppers from chandelier crystals-each one is completely unique and no two are alike. The fun of the hunt for the bottles is what makes each one a treasure unto itself. I thank my wonderful husband and family for their continued support and belief in my art and hope to provide beauty to the world.